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Sonja Petersen (acá pueden ver su perfil en facebook) me respondió esto:

Hi Daneel

Thank you for your interest and for clarifying your specific request.

A double blind placebo controlled trial has not been carried out on animals. I have requested such trials with the designer and they are being considered. The technology has been around for 15years and they don’t understand my desire to have the tests done.

One of the challenges lies in finding a University which has an interest in the technology, is neutral and has a facility that is acceptable for caring for animals in a quality way.

I understand that for some scientists the concept of this product working is not within the realms of scientific reason. We have already had newspaper coverage with a scientist stating. ‘This raised every red flag of being bollocks.’ :) This may or may not be your stance also. The great thing was it raised our sales 300%.

I came across the technology in 2010 and what I have found is the product really works.

People with pets are desperate to not use chemicals on their dogs and cats. It is not perfect every time but neither are the leading topical applications such as Frontline, Advantage, Comfortis etc. I do appreciate that anecdotal evidence does not meet your scientific requirement but the majority of pet owners are content with viewing videos or reading testimonials from people in circumstances just like them.

I am being persistent with the designers of the technology to carry out such a trial and it is possible they may concede. I value the testimonials and would like to have a trial underway.

Given your location it is unlikely we could arrange a trial involving yourself but if you have a genuine interest in the product I am happy to converse further.

I hope you’re having a great day!

With kind regards


En resumen: no hay evidencia de efectividad más allá de testimonios y anécdotas.

Le mandé un mail preguntándole expresamente eso («So just to make it clear, apart from anecdotal evidence and testimonials, is there any other evidence to support the effectiveness of Pawtect?»). Cuando reciba una respuesta les comento.