Re: Recurso: Papers sobre autismo y vacunación.


Justo estoy en un debate sobre esto en Facebook.

Me acaban de ofrecer los siguientes papers como contra evidencia. En la mayoría, al parecer, simplemente leyendo el abstract y las conclusiones parece indicar que no son tan a favor como quien los presentó pensaba.


«Administration of vaccines containing thiomersal does not seem to raise blood concentrations of mercury above safe values in infants. Ethylmercury seems to be eliminated from blood rapidly via the stools after parenteral administration of thiomersal in vaccines.»


«Increased concentrations of CH3Hg+ were also observed, which was found to be due to impurities in the thimerosal


«Future studies need to be conducted to evaluate additional mechanisms underlying Thimerosal-induced cellular damage and assess potential co-exposures to other compounds that may increase or decrease Thimerosal-mediated toxicity.»


Del abstract del pdf:

Habla de la susceptibilidad de ratones con tendencia a inmunodeficiencia e hipotetiza:

«It was hypothesized that children

with autism have a decreased detoxification capacity due to genetic polymor-

phism. In vitro, mercury and thimerosal in levels found several days after vaccina-

tion inhibit methionine synthetase (MS) by 50%. Normal function of MS is crucial

in biochemical steps necessary for brain development, attention and production

of glutathione, an important antioxidative and detoxifying agent. Repetitive doses

of thimerosal leads to neurobehavioral deteriorations in autoimmune susceptible

mice, increased oxidative stress and decreased intracellular levels of glutathione in



Este dice afirma que el efecto es dependiente de la cepa de los ratones.

«Neurotoxic effects of postnatal thimerosal are mouse strain dependent»

«Autoimmune disease-sensitive SJL/J mice showed growth delay; reduced locomotion; exaggerated response to novelty; and densely packed, hyperchromic hippocampal neurons with altered glutamate receptors and transporters. Strains resistant to autoimmunity, C57BL/6J and BALB/cJ, were not susceptible.»

El último que ofrecieron es del «International Medical Council of Vaccination»

Hace afirmaciones sobre estudios y estadísticas, pero aún en las referencias no termino de encontrar los datos ya que están en libros a los que no tengo acceso.

¿Alguna idea con respecto a ese?