Re: Informe del FBI sobre extraterrestres en Roswell


I’ve also found this:

Not only is the information not first-hand and far removed from New Mexico, it is connected to a 60-year-old hoax that resulted in a conviction for fraud.


Cahn’s account of the alien ship hoax – and the two swindlers — appeared in True magazine in 1952. The result was that several people who had been conned by Newton and Gebauer came forward. One of their victims was Herman Glader, a Denver millionaire who had the wherewithal to press charges. Newton and Gebauer were convicted of fraud the next year.

FBI «Hottel Memo» Reveals UFO Hoax – International Business Times.

So, there.

Ah, y el link lo encontré acá: Homínidos: Me pareció ver un lindo extraterrestre