Re: Evolución y embriología


Respecto a la Recapitulación: ojalá que exista algún embriólogo que nos pueda transmitir su opinión… y que escriba regularmente sobre el tema en algún blog suyo… y que además sea escéptico. Mmmmm… ¡bingo!

Recapitulation theory doesn’t work and embryos do not go through the evolutionary stages of their ancestors. We do not develop and then lose gills: we develop generalized branchial structures that subsequently differentiate and specialize. In fish, some of those arches differentiate into gills, but those same arches in us develop into the thyroid gland and miscellaneous cartilagenous and bony structures of the throat and ears.

It’s better to regard embryos as following von Baerian developmental trajectories, proceeding from an initially generalized state to a more refined and specialized state over time. Limbs don’t reflect our ancient aquatic ancestry in utero, instead, limbs develop as initially blobby protrusions and digits develop by later sculpting of the tissue.

Y hay muchos artículos en los que menciona el tema. Basta con buscar las palabras «recapitulation» o «haeckel».