Re: Cambio Climático


Lástima que no siguió el debate. En cualquier caso, dejo este artículo:

Reproducing the atmospheres of yesterday, today and tomorrow (in terms of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide levels), this tool was used to measure the effects of an oxidative stress (hydrogen peroxide, H2O2) on E. coli at different levels of atmospheric CO2 (from 40 to 1,000 ppm, the current atmospheric concentration being 389 ppm). The results show that an increase in CO2 is accompanied by an increase in various parameters, including cell death, DNA mutation frequency and the number of DNA lesions.

Fuente: Predicted increase in atmospheric CO2 will directly affect living organisms: Carbon dioxide exacerbates oxygen toxicity

Corto y en castellano: altas concentraciones de CO<sub>2</sub> parecen incrementar la toxicidad del oxígeno y producir daños en el ADN y otros problemas.